Name: U.S.S. Kelvin
Class: Kelvin-type
Registry: NCC-0514
Operator: Starfleet 

In 2233, the Kelvin was under the command of Captain Richard Robau, while his first officer was Lieutenant Commander George Kirk.

On stardate 2233.04 in the alternate reality, the Federation starship USS Kelvin was attacked by the Romulan mining vessel Narada, 75,000 kilometers from the Federation-Klingon border.

The attack led to a battle during which Captain Robau was murdered, leaving George Kirk in command. The engagement culminated in the Kelvin being evacuated by its crew – comprised of eight hundred people, including Winona Kirk and her newborn son, but with the notable exception of George Kirk, in addition to several other crewmembers who were killed during the Narada’s attack – and the eventual destruction of the vessel. (Memory Alpha)

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if you ever tell me “football is just a game” or underestimate the importance it has to groups of people i will straight up never speak to you again

To summarize, football is a simple game, but one with great strategy. It is a global community, a religion, a shared obsession which, in these more enlightened times, is a source of unity, rather than conflict. And yet, I believe the action on the field is only a small part of the story behind football’s popularity.

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Make Me Choose

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okay there was this time in costa rica where i had been pining after this boy for YEARS, and then we finally get together just as a summer fling, but towards the end of it my grandmother just casually (and unknowing of the situation) mentions that he is my second cousin, and i was like what???? excuse me???? what did you just tell me??? i’ll never forget this, the time i accidentally committed incest